About the Stillwater River


The Stillwater River has 36 miles of floatable water and we take you to whatever section is best based on the water level. When the water is high, you should experience the Upper Stillwater. This section has the best and most continuous whitewater anywhere on the river. This trip will quickly become a favorite for all that go!

If whitewater isn't what you are looking for, but the water is still high, the scenic Middle section is perfect. Scenic views and a few splashes will create a great and memorable time on the river. 


As the water recedes, we head to the Lower Stillwater for great scenery, fun whitewater, and also cliff jumping. This is the most floated section of the Stillwater River and at Absaroka River Adventures we guarantee we will provide the most "fun" on this stretch of river! (We can run this section anytime, but when the water is high we recommend the Upper section). 


Later in the summer we move further down the Stillwater River. We hit all the fun spots on the river and continue on down to the warmer waters of the mighty Yellowstone River. The Yellowstone offers you the chance to swim and play, but don't get too relaxed! Rapids like "Deatheater, and Super Soaker" will end your trip with a bang.